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Are your child's adult teeth growing in crooked? Get orthodontic services from the team at Mio Family Dentistry. You know you can trust us when your child needs braces, spacers, or a retainer because we've been in business for over 25 years.


Count on us to do it all at our family-oriented business. There are not many people in the area offering these services, but at our clinic, your child can get both regular dental care and orthodontic services all in the same office.


Dr. Mangutz is a general dentist providing a full range of dental services including orthodontics.

Quality orthodontics

Orthodontics for all ages

Your teeth are constantly shifting in your mouth. Not only can this make it more difficult to clean your teeth, but it can also lead to tooth erosion and other problems.


Thankfully, you're never too old for orthodontics. At our family and locally owned and operated dental clinic, orthodontic services are available at any age. Call now to schedule an appointment to discuss getting a retainer, spacer, or braces.

Get a gorgeous straight and bright smile

Call us today for orthodontic services.